The AOL or America Online was one of the first few sites on the internet which made everyone go crazy with the content. From the search engine, mailing platform, news, and many other features, the people loved it so much. The craze and love from the fans are still present that’s why the company is introducing many new features for their users. The AOL Desktop gold software is one such introduction from the company,

You might ask me what is AOL Desktop software? Well, it’s a simple to use multipurpose software made for the hardcore AOL users. This software brings every service from the AOL under one roof and helps you to access every feature on your computer without opening the web browser. The native application is made for surfing the internet, checking your emails, reading new and other content, and you can prevent any security issues with your AOL mail account. 

Isn’t that great? As it’s a new introduction from the company, many people are unaware of this software. The company is providing the proper software updates and providing dedicated support for AOL desktop software, but still there are very few users have this software installed in their computers. If you are willing to use All-In-One software to increase productivity and enjoy all of the AOL services with the help of a single application, then you should install AOL Desktop Gold Software. 

What is AOL Desktop Gold Software?

The AOL Desktop gold software is the proprietary program from the AOL, which helps you to access all of the features of AOL without any issues. The management of all of the features under one software will help you to get rid of the unproductive sessions. 

The software works as the web browser, email client, video player, audio player, and many other things, which you cannot imagine in any other software program. The AOL provides you the 24/7 online support staff to help you with any problems and doubts. Also, the free software updates ensure you won’t face any security issues or the bugs. 

How to Install AOL Desktop Gold Software?

AOL Desktop Gold Software

As it’s a multifunctional software program, it is obvious to think that the installation procedure is very hard. But in fact, it is not.

The software does not have a complicated installation procedure.

Follow the steps we are going to mention in this post, and you’ll have the AOL Desktop Gold software running on your computer.

Here are the exact steps to do so without the need of much technical knowledge.

  1. First, open this link in your web browser.
  2. Login using your AOL account. Then purchase and download AOL Desktop Gold software program on your computer.
  3. If you want to try out this software, then you can quickly avail 30-Days Trial access of this program.
  4. Once downloaded, double-click on the downloaded .exe file to open the installation wizard.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions on the wizard and finish the installation. Once installed, click on the “AOL Desktop Gold” icon on the Desktop to open the software.

This is how you can quickly download and install AOL Desktop gold software program. The process is very straightforward and won’t take any longer than 5 minutes of your valuable time. 

Common AOL Desktop Gold Problems and Solutions

Just like any other software program, the AOL Desktop software comes with some common problems that every user may face occasionally. These are not the bugs but the common issues, which are caused by the external interference. Here are some AOL Desktop gold problems and solutions, which you can follow and fix them within a few minutes.

  • AOL Desktop Software Working Slowly – If you are experiencing the slow performance from this software, then you can quickly Restart your computer. Restarting will help you to fix the slow performance. If the problem still persists, then you can quickly reinstall this software by following the steps mentioned above.
  • AOL Desktop Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi – The network connection issues are frequent in this software program. You are going to face them often. If you face this problem in your computer, then you have to Restart the Router and then try to connect to the Wifi.
  • Unable to Run AOL Desktop Software – The software requires certain supporting framework programs in your computer to run properly. If you are facing this issue, then installing the latest version of Microsoft .NET framework will work perfectly. If you are still facing the issue, then there is nothing better than asking official support for AOL desktop software.

Official Customer Support for AOL Desktop Software 

As the AOL is selling this software to its customers, the technical support is must for the subscribers. The company knew that perfectly and started 24/77 support for AOL Desktop software. It is quite interesting to see the highly qualified customer service executive providing the technical assistance to the customers.

Whatever may be the issue with the software, the professional staff is there to help the customers in fixing the problem. There are multiple ways of contacting the support and asking for technical assistance. The phone support is widespread and useful in case of AOL problems.

The customer support executive will listen to your questions and tell you the solutions, which you must follow to get rid of the problem. 

The AOL Desktop Gold software is one of the best software for managing your AOL account on your computer. Instead of opening multiple tabs in the web browser, this lightweight software allows you to access them under the one roof. With the monthly membership of $3.99/- the users can download and get free customer support, lifetime updates and additional protection to their AOL account. In this package, we consider the free customer support is cherry on the cake as you won’t face any problem in the first place and if you do, then the customer support executive will help you to get rid of the same within a few minutes.

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