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AOL Desktop Not Responding

AOL or America Online is an online service provider company based in the United States of America. AOL was an internet leader during the mid-90’s. There are thousands if not millions of users who are using products of AOL. AOL products include AOL Mail, Messenger, Search and Web portal. It also works as a browser and an email client software for the customers. AOL Desktop is a package for accessing all the services and products. You can also purchase AOL Desktop Gold for availing premium services and features. Sometimes users face problems while using the AOL. One of the most common problems they face is AOL not responding to their commands. AOL not responding to your commands can be irritating because you won’t be able to access essential services like AOL Mail and AOL Instant Messenger(AIM).

Now, if you are one of those unfortunate users who is looking for solutions to the AOL not responding, then you are at the right place. We are providing you with AOL Mail troubleshooting guide and solution to AOL Desktop not responding. You can follow the steps to solve the problems quickly.

Steps to Quickly Fix AOL Not Responding Problem

Overall speaking, AOL Desktop is a fabulous package of softwares for the customers, but that does not mean it can’t be subject to problems. If AOL Desktop is showing the error message AOL Not Responding, you don’t need to freak out about it. Just follow the instructions given below, and you can fix it quickly.

Before we try to solve the problem, we must know what could be the possible root causes behind the problem, here are the possible reasons behind AOL not responding:

  1. Outdated software
  2. There is an issue with compatibility
  3. Internet connection problem

Now that we know the reasons behind the problem, we are ready to read the AOL Desktop not responding error solution.

Update the Outdated Software

If a user is using the outdated version of AOL Desktop software, you get the error message on the screen. You must update your browser as well. To update the software, visit the official website of AOL. Once you update the software, you can use it again. If you are unable to update the software, then you can contact AOL Tech Support for help.

The Issue with Compatibility:

Any software that you want to run on your computer has a basic but essential criterion that is your computer must be compatible with it. The combination of necessary hardware and software components decide the compatibility of the software. If you are trying to use AOL Desktop on your computer, then make sure that you have the following components on it:

  1. Your PC’s processor speed must be 266 MHz.
  2. Resolution of the display must be 1068*768.
  3. At least 512 MB of free RAM must be available.
  4. Latest version of the browser should be installed on the computer.

If your computer satisfies the above criteria, you can run AOL Desktop on it. If it doesn’t, then you must upgrade the computer to use it.

Check Status of AOL Services

If your AOL Desktop is not working, then you should check if the servers of AOL are working. If the servers of AOL are down, then you can sit back and relax until the servers are active again. You can check the status by visiting the official website of AOL or contact AOL Tech Support. Within a short duration, the servers should be active again, and you can access AOL Desktop.

Internet Connectivity Issue

If your AOL Desktop is not working due to the internet connectivity issue, you can try some quick fixes to solve the problem:

  1. Check if you are correctly connected to the internet, and other websites are accessible through it.
  2. Restart the router and see if it works.
  3. Contact the internet service provider for the problem.

There is one more solution that you can try – uninstall the AOL Desktop software from the PC and install it again. See if it works again.

Final Words

AOL Desktop is a popular software among American users. If you want to access a wide range of softwares, then AOL Desktop is the best option for you. However, as we all know, all softwares can face technical issues. If you are facing any issue related to AOL Desktop, you can try our troubleshooting guide to fix it. However, if you are unable to fix it, you can contact AOL Tech Support for help. The team of expert technicians from AOL can fix the problem within a short time, and you are set to use the AOL Desktop once again.

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