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October 4, 2018
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AOL Email Settings: Fully Optimize Your Account

AOL Email Settings

AOL Email Settings help you filter your emails, measure subscriber engagement and determine sender reputation by analyzing the movement of mail among folders, marking it as spam and un-marking it as spam. AOL SMTP Settings allow users to receive an enhanced version of the services AOL provides. Sending emails has never been easier with AOL – thanks to AOL Mail Settings. You can contact AOL Customer service and get priority help on revamping your mail settings.

AOL Mail Settings allows you to enjoy the best of several unique AOL facilities such as secured privacy settings, dedicated spam folder, and the ability to attach number items in your email.  AOL is a free email service provider, with a dedicated AOL Customer Service Telephone Number, which can be used to cater to all your communication needs, official and personal. You can use AOL Email Settings to further enhance the work-ability of your account.

Features Of AOL Email Service

AOL is an email service provider website which allows you to send emails free of charge. Use AOL SMTP Settings to get the best of AOL features. Other than all the basic requirements in an email AOL comprises several other features which give our brand a unique reputation.

Several Americans are accustomed to using AOL because AOL Customer Service Telephone Number is always active. Our objective is to provide our users with superior quality facilities as well as convenient follow up services.

Here are certain unique facilities of AOL Email:

  • Search through your mail easily and use AOL filters
  • You can create different folders for different emails
  • You have a large amount of space to save emails
  • You customize your mail for increased personalization
  • You can switch between different versions of AOL
  • You can also use different emoticons in your AOL account

AOL email service provides you with several opportunities to optimize your account and create a strong layout of your own. For any difficulties and confusion, you can contact AOL support service.

Options Available In AOL Email Settings

When you create a new email account with AOL there are many ways you can select the way you want your account to function. You can customize the functionality of your account by choosing from the options in AOL mail settings. The options provided in the settings allow you to personalize your account, delete spam messages, and establish security of personal information and much more. There are many options to choose from.

Here are some of the options available in AOL settings:

  • AOL Contact Information.
  • AOL Security Questions.
  • Free Scanning.
  • Marketing Preferences.
  • Password Reset.
  • PC Scan.
  • Update Payment Details.
  • View My Bill.

Ways To Use AOL Email Settings

Your AOL mail account provides you with the option to adjust and change AOL settings. You can change the settings as much as you like in order to make the account more convenient for you to use. There are several options available in your AOL Email Settings along with several sub-options so as to apply more advanced settings. AOL settings allow you to send specific emails to particular recipients by filling in their information. In order to access AOL mail, you must first activate IMAP settings on your operating system for you to access messages in folders like Outlook, Mac, and Windows 10.

Here are a few AOL SMTP settings that are required to send an outgoing email:

Log on to AOL Mail IMAP address, Use SMTP outgoing server address, Use Port setting 587. Apply SMTP username such as “[email protected]”. Enter SMTP password. Same as AOL Mail.

Contact AOL Customer Service For Further Help

AOL email service is backed by our round the clock help desk. You can contact AOL tech support number where our trained professionals will guide you through setting up your Email account. You can either log on to our website or Contact +1-844-999-2099 for further details and support.

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