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Embarq Mail Settings -How to Set-up Your New EmbarqMail Account?

EmbarqMail Settings

EmbarqMail is a service provided by Embarq Corporation. The name of the company is stylized as EMBARQ. The email service provider has been acquired by CenturyTel and rebranded as CenturyLink. If you are an old EmbarqMail user, you can still use the Embarq email domain in your email homepage. Embarq Mail is an excellent alternative to the email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail. You can set-up Embarq Mail on your Android or iPhone by changing the Embarq Mail settings. We are giving you a complete guide to help you modify the EmbarqMail settings, and you can quickly access the Embarq or CenturyLink Mail on the device. Before you try to change the server settings, read carefully about the following instructions regarding POP and SMTP server settings.

How to Set up EmbarqMail?

Emails are dependent upon the email server protocols. Before you proceed to change the server settings, read about POP – SMTP server settings to avoid any confusion and errors:

POP/POP3: POP or POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol. This protocol is used to store your emails.

SMTP: SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol works as your virtual mailman. It transfers emails from one server to another server.

You must note that IMAP is also a server protocol, but EmbarqMail doesn’t support it.

If you are done with reading the information on email protocols, the following is a step-by-step guide on how to set up EmbarqMail:

  1. Open your Android smartphone’s application menu.
  2. Open the email application in the menu.
  3. In the email application, select the option of change the settings.
  4. In the settings option, click on the POP3 as the email provider.
  5. Now, select the More option from the settings and add a ‘New Account’.
  6. In this option, you have to add the email address and password of your EmbarqMail.
  7. Hit the Next button.
  8. Now, in the incoming settings, insert the following information:
    Username: Complete email address
    Port: 995
    Security: SSL
  9. Now, once you’ve set up the incoming server settings, insert the following information for the outgoing server settings:
    Port: 587
    Security: TLS (Only if available)
  10. Now, hit the Next button.
  11. Set up Account and Display name for your EmbarqMail account. This name shows up when you send an email to anyone.
  12. Click on the Finish Setup to complete the process.

If you follow the instructions correctly, you can set up the Embarq Mail account easily on the Android device.

EmbarqMail is a good alternative if you want to try an alternative email provider platform. Embarq has merged with, and they are providing the email service under the name of CenturyLink Mail. The best thing about CenturyLink is that the company provides a wide range of telecommunication services to the customers. You can access the CenturyLink web portal to read the latest news. You can also check the weather on their portal.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that EmbarqMail is one of the best email service providers for the people based in the United States. If you follow the instructions given above you can easily set up the EmbarqMail account on your Android device. If you face any technical error during the process of setting up the server settings, you can contact the Customer Support at CenturyLink for any help. The expert team of customer care executives looks into the technical issue and makes sure to solve it as quickly as possible. This customer friendliness makes EmbarqMail a better alternative for other services.

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