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Export AOL Favorites to Google Chrome Browser – AOL Online Support

Export AOL Favorites to google chrome browser

 The internet has been expanding throughout the globe at an exponential speed, almost every corner of the world is connected digitally nowadays. The rise of the internet has also given rise to countless blogs, web pages, and websites.

Every day millions of terabytes of data are uploaded and download on the world wide web. Now, we can’t keep track of everything that we see, read or listen on the internet, but who would prefer to lose the content found on the web? Almost nobody would want that to happen.

AOL Favorites is developed to help you bookmark your essential and favorite content. AOL Favorites is a site where you can drop any content and make a list.

Earlier AOL Favorites was available to only AOL Desktop users, but now anyone can access their useful service. If you are fond of browsing content on the internet, you can access their service by merely signing up for AOL Mail account.

Steps to Export AOL Favorites

In the following instructions, we are going to tell you how to transfer AOL Favorites bookmarks. Most of the time we use different browsers when we are on different devices.

If you are using Firefox at work, and Google Chrome at home, it can be a bit annoying not to be able to add bookmarks to AOL Favorites. To avoid this, AOL allows you to export AOL Favorites to Chrome. You can easily export the bookmarks by using the AOL plugin on the browser.

Following are the steps to quickly export AOL Favorites to Chrome:

  1. Open the browser on your computer.
  2. Visit the AOL Favorites webpage from the browser of the computer.
  3. If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser on the computer, you can install the plugin developed to bookmark AOL Favorites.
  4. Download the plugin for AOL Favorites. Click on the ‘Download Now’ option.
  5. Now, if the plugin is installed successfully, click on it.
  6. The plugin pops up and you are asked to either Sign-in or Create AOL Account.
  7. Insert the AOL account details to log into it.
  8. Now, once you log into the plugin, click on the Gear symbol from the menu.
  9. After that you can see an ‘Export’ option on the menu.
  10. Now, your AOL Favorites are stored into the browser you’re using.

Above steps are quite easy to perform, and you can use the AOL Favorites again.

Final Words

AOL makes sure that customers can access a diverse range of tools and services to make their internet browsing comfortable and useful. AOL Favorites is one of the sets of tools that you can access free of cost just by signing up for an AOL account.

AOL Favorites site gives you the option of storing a large amount of content without having to worry about losing it. You can store the content in the separate folders to make it more convenient to read at any time. You can also export the bookmarks on any browser, and a bookmarking plugin has been made by AOL to add any site or webpage to the list quickly.

However, sometimes customer complain that their AOL Favorites missing from the site, in that case, they can try some quick fixes to retrieve the content.

If the quick fixes don’t work, you can contact Customer Support on AOL phone number: +1-844-999-2099 for the help. The team of expert technicians is always deployed to solve the queries of the customers. Within a short time, you can expect your issue to be solved, and you are back to use it again.

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