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Fix AOL Error 116 Within a Few Minutes -Aol Support Team

AOL Error 116

The AOL is one of the most popular online service providers in the United States of America.  From the search engine service to the email and financial services, the AOL is an internet giant in the country. The company provides the top-notch email service to their customers who want to communicate with the others.

Also, the AOL Desktop Gold software provides direct access to all of the AOL services without opening the web browser.

Well, many people have reported the AOL error 116 while using the Desktop software from AOL. As most of the people are not technically sound, they don’t know how to fix this problem. In this post, we are going to share exact steps to fix AOL error 116 on your computer within a few minutes.

AOL Error 116  – Why it Appears?

There are many reasons why the AOL error 116 appears on your computer. The main reason is the incomplete installation of the  Desktop software. When the installation is corrupted, or the critical files of the software are missing, then you’ll see this error on your computer. Also, the Malware or Spyware attack may cause the error to appear on your screen. Below are the methods, that’ll show you how to solve AOL error 116 within a few minutes.

Reinstall AOL Software

Most of the times, the culprit behind this error is the corrupted or incomplete installation. If you faced some technical issues while installing the  AOL software or had any interruptions in the installation process, then you are going to encounter this error. All you have to do is to uninstall this software from your computer and download the latest version from the official website.

After downloading the latest version, install it on your computer and make sure the installation won’t interrupt at all. Once it’s complete, you are ready to use the AOL services without any problem.

System Restore

Taking regular system backups is a significant step that you should ignore. The system backups are very helpful when you face the Error 116 while using AOL services. To solve this problem, you are advised to restore the system using the regular backups you take. If you don’t make regular backups, then you have to Restore the System using the Windows Recovery Disk that comes with your computer. Also, you can use the System Restore points in your computer to restore to the previous iteration where you were not facing the problem. This is the highly advised step to take to fix the problem with AOL services.

Contact AOL Tech Support

What is better than asking the official technicians from the AOL tech support? There is nothing wrong in asking for the technical help from the experienced customer executive. The AOL is providing the customer support service to help their customers facing the technical problems from a long time. All you have to do is to contact the AOL Tech Support number and explain your problem. The support executive will come up with a solution to solve your problem within a few minutes.

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Final Words

See? There is nothing to panic after encountering the AOL Error 116. It is just a simple error which causes due to the missing core files of the Desktop software from AOL or the system files. All you have to do is to reinstall the software or restore the system to the previous state, and your problem is fixed. Also, you can ask for help from the AOL tech support if you are naive and don’t know how to Reinstall the software or restore the system.

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