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Ways To Install AOL Desktop New Version

install aol mail

If an AOL Advantage Plan Member wishes to install AOL mail and install AOL Desktop Gold, here are the steps –

Sign into your AOL account, at Scroll to “AOL Desktop Gold” under the All Products section. Click on Download Now. Follow the installation steps now on how to install AOL on my Computer.

If a user has the subscription to AOL Desktop Gold or a trial, here are the steps –

Sign into Go to the Manage My Subscriptions section. Click on the “Premium subscriptions” tab. Now, select Get Started under the AOL Desktop Gold to install AOL Desktop. Lastly, follow the installation steps now to install AOL on my computer.

Users can also use the link in Official AOL Mail signup confirmation in the following way –

Look for the “Start enjoying the new AOL Desktop”. Open the email to install AOL Desktop. Now, click on Download AOL Desktop or on Update Now. After this, go to your Downloads folder and click Save. Lastly, follow the installation steps to install AOL Mail.

Follow These Installation Steps:

  • Open your Downloads folder
  • Double click on the install AOL mail  icon
  • Click Run
  • Lastly, click on Install Now
  • Click on Yes and OK

Aol Desktop: Troubleshooting

There are several problems the AOL Desktop users have reported. Here is a list of some of those problems and also the procedure in which they can be solved, each one of them.

If you are unable to install AOL mail 

Check the minimum requirements: For example, AOL Desktop Gold is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Windows that are older than Windows 7.

You may also try to restart your computer: Sometimes, when you have not restarted your computer recently, you face trouble. Restarting your computer will help you clear the internal memory RAM and in that manner, some problems relating to install AOL Desktop are often easily solved.

The website you use may detect an outdated browser: When your AOL desktop gets ready for an update, you will automatically be informed. You only need to close and reopen to install AOL Mail in order to make sure if there are any updates.

Sometimes, AOL Desktop May Be Working Very Slowly. Follow The Given Steps In Order To Get Rid Of This Issue –

You can either try to see if this problem can be solved by restarting the computer that allows you to install AOL mail. Or, you may have to enable only the essential programs. When you turn on your computer, multiple startup programs begin to automatically work. Due to this, your computer might slow down. Hence, you need to turn off the programs which are unnecessary at the moment and only keep those enabled which are essential.

If A User Faces Trouble Printing From AOL Desktop –

This may be happening due to a faulty printer, corrupted files or conflicting programs. Verify whether the printer is working with other programs on your computer.

Here are the steps to solve the issue with print spool –

  • Windows taskbar > Printer icon
  • Right click on the print job in progress
  • Click on cancel
  • Click yes and repeat this until all the lagging print options are there

If Your AOL Desktop Icon Goes Missing, Here Are The Steps To Find It Back Again. You Can Also Call AOL Customer Care Number

  • Launch AOL Desktop
  • Click on the Help menu
  • Select “Create new desktop shortcut”
  • Check your desktop for the new icon

A lot of users wonder where to enter the password. AOL Email Support Phone Number can help you locate the steps. By default, there are only two steps for signing into the AOL Desktop. The first screen will only ask you for the screen name selection. Click on Continue. Here on the second window, you will be asked for the password to install AOL Mail.

AOL Customer Care Number And AOL Email Support Phone Number

You can easily talk to the AOL representatives at +1-844-999-2099. AOL customer care number is available 24*7 and emails will be replied within 72 hours.

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