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RocketMail Password Recovery – Guide and Customer Service

Rocketmail password recovery

Nowadays we have got tons of free webmail service providers, but back into the 90s we only had a few of them and out of which Rocketmail was one of my favorites. When I was in high school, I heard about the Internet and learned how to use it, but the one thing which I most liked about it was that I could send tons of free emails to my friends without getting charged for it. Many people used Rocketmail to receive and send personal and business emails, and some peoples still use it but if you’ve forgotten rocketmail password then don’t worry because in this article I’ve written some solutions for rocketmail password recovery.

I still remember the first time I used the rocketmail to send emails to my friends but eventually I stopped using it and completely forgot my old email IDs password, but in the end, I recovered it. If you’re also facing the same situation in which you are not able to login into your old rocketmail account because you’ve forgotten the password, then use any of these following methods shown below to retrieve your old password.

Solution 1- Recover Email ID by Answering Security Question

One of the best ways to get back rocketmail lost password is by answering the security question, and you will be able to use your old rocketmail account again.

  1. Visit yahoo mail site and then go to the login page.
  1. Then enter your rocketmail email ID and click on “Next.”
  1. Then select “Forgot my Password” option.
  1. And then you will be asked a security question to prove your authentication so wisely give the answer and click on “verify.”
  1. After that, you will be able to reset your new password.

Solution 2- Recovering Password Through Mobile Number or Email ID

If there’s any perfect way through which you can recover Rocketmail forgot password, then it’s by retrieving the old password or setting a new one by using the registered mobile number or secondary email ID. If at the time of opening rocketmail account you provided a recovery email ID or mobile number then follow these steps to recover your old password.

  1. First of all, visit the yahoo mail site and go to the login area page.
  1. Now in the login area page, you’ll find the option “I can’t access my account” click on it
  1. Then select “Forgot Password” and click on “Next” option.
  1. Now here enter your full rocketmail email ID and enter the captcha shown in the box.
  1. Here you will get the option to retrieve your password by confirming your mobile number or secondary email ID so choose any of them and enter the verification code sent correctly.
  1. After confirming the code, you can easily set the new password.

Solution 3- Rocketmail Password Recovery Phone Number

If you’re still not able to get the rocket mail sign in successfully then there’s now only one way you can recover your old rocketmail account and that’s by dialing Rocketmail Password Recovery Phone Number which is nothing but their customer support center. If you’re having any problem while recovering your old rocketmail account, then don’t worry because by calling rocketmail technical support you will be able to resolve it within a few minutes. You can contact them by dialing +1(855) 925-7084 this toll-free number, and I firmly believe that they will fix your problem in a few minutes.


So this is how you can recover your old rocketmail email IDs password, and I hope you found this article helpful and if you’ve got any doubts, then please comment down below the post and thanks for reading.

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