Easily Setup AOL Email On iPhone

AOL’s most recent achievement is the accessibility of our email services on portable devices. You can now setup aol email on iphone. With this new advancement, you can now travel and keep a track of all AOL mail on iPhone. With this new advancement, using our services have become much more convenient. With lesser effort required to access our service, as compared to laptops and desktops, our users can enjoy unlimited connectivity.

What Are The Benefits Of Setting Up AOL Mail On iPhone?

AOL has always been a trusted provider of email services to millions of users worldwide. We make sure that our users receive the best of options to explore while using our services. Our primary goal is user convenience and expanding into smaller devices only makes our client experience much more satisfying. By setting up AOL mail on iPhone users can enjoy complete undivided access to their emails. This excludes the need of carrying a hefty device such as a laptop or rushing home to check emails. A compact device such as an iPhone makes the process of sending, receiving and checking mails much more comfortable and easy. You can sit down at a cafeteria and send an urgent mail or stay updated while walking down the road.

A short summary on how using AOL mail on iPhone is beneficial:

  • It allows for more portable and easy usage.
  • No More time restraints. You can check your mails when you like.
  • Locations do not play a factor anymore. You can access AOL mail on the go.
  • Increased customizability for all the features you would like to personalize.

How To Setup AOL Mail On iPhone

Using AOL mail on I phone increases your level of comfort and convenience. You can efficiently access all of your emails on the go. The iPhone is a portable device with superior speed which makes it even more suitable for accessing your AOL email account. Setting up AOL email on iPhone involves a very simple procedure. In order to avail proper guidance, as to how you can setup AOL email on iPhone, you can contact AOL customer service.

Following are the procedure to setting up AOL email on iPhone:

  • Go to settings on your iPhone.
  • Open the option for Mail, Contacts and Calenders.
  • Tap on Add Account.
  • Choose AOL account type.
  • Select the option for adding mail account.
  • Fill in the required information.

This procedure is further followed by steps for setting up your account type, whether IMAP or POP:

  • Select IMAP option.
  • Enter Incoming Mail Server.
  • Fill in required information such as hostname (imap.aol.com), username and password.
  • Enter Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Fill in required information such as hostname (smtp.aol.com), username and password.
  • Verify your account.

If you wish to migrate to a different email provider, AOL allows you to do very easily, if you have a valid and well-organized domain at your disposal. For mail accounts that are inactive for longer periods of time, AOL takes the liberty to disable them to stop any unwanted activities that might occur. You might however be able to log back into your account and make it active by using AOL Email Settings.

Contact AOL Technical Support Service

The advantages received by using AOL mail on an iPhone or any other phone, are plenty. There are also issues that our users may face when going through the setup process. There are several ways to using AOL mail on an IPhone, such as:

  • Using AOL app.
  • Opening AOL mail in the web browser.
  • Using iOS native apps to access AOL mail.

While setup AOL email on iPhone, if you may across any difficulty or errors in the process, you can contact AOL mail technical support phone number  +1-844-999-2099 Our technical experts are there to assist all of our clients with efficient service and support.

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